Saturday, April 08, 2006

Will He or Won't He???

It's about 30 minutes to Brett Favre's news conference at which he may announce his decision about playing or retiring.

I awoke earlier than usual this morning with the feeling -- for the first time -- that Brett will retire. I hope it's just a bad dream.

But apparently a few pieces must have come together in my subconscious mind while sleeping...for whatever that's worth. It goes something like this. Last year, Brett announced that he was going to play the 2005 season at Packers Fan Fest in Green Bay in front of all the adoring fans. This year, Brett is having a news conference -- the purpose of which hasn't been explicitly stated, only speculated upon -- in his home state, at his own event. Can you say "comfort zone" for making a difficult announcement? As in "retiring"?

I have written several posts previously stating that all signs would point to Brett coming back. At the time, this news conference wasn't on the radar. This is a new factor which calls those prior judgments into question. It may still be that Brett returns. And I hope he does. But given his recent comments questioning his own abilities, his offensive line, the ability of the Pack to make a legitimate run at the Super Bowl, and now this news conference on his home could well be Brett says bye-bye.

Stay tuned. Announcement of some kind...although maybe not the one we're looking for...coming in under 30 minutes.