Sunday, April 30, 2006

Pack Selects WR with Pick #104

With their first pick in the 4th round of the 2006 NFL Draft, #104 overall, the Packers selected wide receiver Cory Rodgers from TCU.

Here's the summary from's Prospect Profiles:
"Rodgers is a junior who came out early for the draft. On film, he is clearly a talented receiver/returner with the talent to become a productive impact receiver in the NFL. He has good height for a receiver and has the jumping ability and hands to get up and pluck the high passes easily. He has shown a willingness to catch the high pass right before he takes the hard hit and holds onto the ball. Once he gets the ball in his hands he has consistently shown the ability to make tacklers miss, is a natural following blocks and waiting for holes to open up and has the burst to get thru the hole. He needs to do a better job of keeping his focus and catching the easy passes away from body with his hands. Overall, while he is not as good as A. Bolden of the Cardinals, I think Rodgers' success in the NFL will prove that too much stock is placed on post-season workouts (When Bolden came out of Florida State he was initially regarded as a top 15 pick in the entire NFL Draft, but when he ran in the high 4.7s at his pro day his stick began to fall and he ended being drafted in the second round by Arizona and has become an elite NFL receiver). I do not believe he is going to be as good a receiver as Bolden, but I do believe he will become a good starting receiver who consistently makes big plays running after the catch and as a returner."