Saturday, April 08, 2006

Breaking News: Brett DOESN'T Decide

Breaking news direct from Brett Favre himself: "I don't want to say nothing." When asked what his decision is, he said, "No change. I don't know."

Favre said, "I know people are getting will work itself out...when I do know, maybe in the next week..."

He continued, "When I left after the season it was tough to be excited about football. But I mean it's in my blood. I love to play...if I decide to come back it's for the fun...I want to feel like we can compete for the Super Bowl. I don't want to say it unless I really believe it...I don't know if we're better or not. I'd like to say I think we are better, but I don't know if we are." He mentioned the signing of Reggie White as one where everyone knew immediately that the team was better. "I think we need to do something, to make a statement like that again."

When asked what he imagined it would be like to retire, Favre said, "At some point it has to end. You can't play football like you can be a doctor. At some point you have to give it up."

When asked what he would say to his fans waiting for the decision, he expressed his thanks for the fans and for playing in Green Bay. Favre said, "I hear them say all the time we can't wait for the season to start, and it's February. I hear that all the time." But he said there are other things in life too. "I guess ultimately it comes down to whether you want to play and run the risk of being 4-12 again...I never thought we'd go 4-12 in my tenure in Green Bay but we did..."

So, Favre Watch 2006 continues.