Wednesday, April 26, 2006

He's Back, Baby!!!

As noted here late last evening, QB Brett Favre has informed the Packers that he will be returning for the 2006 season. Neither the team nor Brett or his agent, however, has officially confirmed this. But sources within the Packers' organization, according to reports, have told both ESPN and WTMJ620 radio in Milwaukee that Favre told the Packers of his decision yesterday morning. The only question now is, why wait in making the official announcement? If no official announcement is made prior to the draft we can only speculate that the Pack wants to keep other teams guessing as to whether or not they still may take a QB with the #5 pick. Obviously, with Favre coming back that likelihood decreases. But it would still have "smoke 'n' mirrors" value in terms of draft strategy. On the other hand, if the news is out there, even if unconfirmed, this is one bluff the Pack won't be able to use effectively come Saturday.

In any event, The Man is back! And apparently some Packer fans who were getting so frustrated recently that they were actually suggesting trading Brett, are now overwhelmingly in favor of his decision to return. Forgive and forget seems to be the operating philosophy. I can see it now: "Packers 2006 -- The Season of Love."

Here's the poll results so far from this morning's online Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel:
Do you think Brett Favre made the right decision to return?
Yes (76.5%)
No (23.5%)
Total votes: 3,164