Saturday, April 08, 2006

News Conference Pushed Back to 8 a.m.!

Hot off the press: Brett Favre has pushed the 7:30 news conference back to about 8 a.m. Although, we are on "Brett time." Former teammate Doug Pederson apparently told reporters, "You didn't really think Brett would be on time, did you?".

Lance Allan, reporter from Milwaukee's WTMJ-4 who is on the scene, says that in talking with some of his former teammates at Brett's charity golf outing, they seem to feel that he's gotten the fire back and will return to play. However, in talking with Brett's brother, Scott, Allan said that he gets the sense that Brett's not happy with some of the Packers' offseason moves and chances to win, etc., and thus one gets the sense he's leaning toward retirement.

More to follow. Stay tuned...