Friday, April 07, 2006

Saturday is F-Day!

Get up early tomorrow morning, Packers fans. According to an AP report this evening, Brett Favre will be making an announcement about his future at 7:30 a.m. (Central time) Saturday. Looks like it's F-Day folks...Favre Day.

According to the report, "a family spokeswoman said he's expected to announce whether he'll return to play for the Green Bay Packers this season." The news conference will take place at Favre's charity golf tournament in Tunica, Miss.

Becky Stuart, a personal assistant to the Favre family, when asked whether she knew which way Favre was leaning on whether to play or retire, said, "We've all got to find out at the same time."

Chances are, ESPN and/or the NFL Network will be covering this news conference live. For those in southeastern Wisconsin, Milwaukee's WTMJ-4 announced this evening that they will be carrying the news conference live (and perhaps one or more of the other Wisconsin TV stations will as well). Favre's potential retirement has been one of the most widely discussed offseason aspects of football. It would only seem reasonable that it has some live coverage to put everyone's minds at ease...or send Packer fans dashing for the Maalox.