Friday, April 28, 2006

A Few Other Draft Scenarios to Make Your Head Explode

As if football fans' heads aren't already about to explode from all the various mock draft permutations, here are a few others to consider. Of course, most mock drafts and talking heads have Ohio State linebacker A. J. Hawk coming to the Pack with the #5 pick. In fact, some pundits are even referring to Hawk as the "safest pick" in the draft: you know you are getting a player who can come in and make an immediate impact on your team. That's a great thing. The Pack definitely needs help of all kinds, and especially at linebacker. Having Hawk join Nick Barnett and...well...whomever at LB could indeed dramatically improve the defense. I for one would be quite happy to see Hawk in a Packers uniform.

But what happens in front of the Packers with the top four picks obviously will have a great deal to do with who is available for the Pack at #5.

Here are two other possible scenarios which could result in the Pack having to consider someone other than Hawk.
Scenario #1:
#1 - Reggie Bush - Texans
#2 - Mario Williams - Saints
#3 - Matt Leinart - Titans
#4 - Vince Young - Jets

In this scenario, the Packers could have their choice of not only Hawk, but the top offensive lineman in the draft, tackle D'Brickashaw Ferguson from Virginia. Ferguson has been listed on some mock draft boards as high as #2. Granted, offensive tackle is not an area of need for the Packers, with Chad Clifton and Mark Tauscher on board as arguably two of the best bookend tackles in the league. But...under this scenario, it has been suggested that the Pack would install Ferguson at left tackle, move Clifton to right tackle, and move Tauscher to right guard. If it came together, that would be a dramatic improvement to the offensive line. The question mark would be whether or not the Packers would want a rookie -- no matter how good -- to guard Brett Favre's blind side at this stage in his career. Still, an interesting scenario.

Scenario #2
#1 - Reggie Bush - Texans
#2 - D'Brickashaw Ferguson - Saints
#3 - Vince Young - Titans
#4 - Mario Williams - Jets

OK, Packer fans, what now? A. J. Hawk? Or...quarterback Matt Leinart? It is not out of the question that the Packers could be looking at exactly this scenario come Saturday. Would the Packers take Leinart, even though they also have last year's QB pick, Aaron Rodgers, backing up Favre? Given that many personnel people in the leauge don't seem to think much of Rodgers future beyond what you already see (and frankly, I don't know how they can say that seeing that nobody has seen too much), it might very well be the Packers take Leinart to be the future after Brett finally finally finally decides to retire.

Packers GM Ted Thompson has repeatedly said that the Pack will take the best player available on the board regardless of position. So who is the better player? Hawk or Ferguson or Leinart?

While some of the other scenarios make the #5 pick almost a no-brainer, i.e., Hawk, the two alternatives noted here would present the Packers with a real brain-buster. On the other hand, this is what these personnel pros get paid to do. They have worked through these scenarios and countless others. They will know exactly what to do when the moment comes. And whatever they decide, just know the Pack will be better than they were last year regardless of whether we are cheering for Hawk or Ferguson or Leinart come September. is good in Packer country!