Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Arrington Pays a Visit

Former Washington linebacker LaVar Arrington, a three-time Pro Bowl selection, visited the Packers on Monday. He and DB Charles Woodson are the two biggest names remaining in free agency, both are represented by the same agent, and both have now visited GB. Of course, both are also looking for major moolah. Arrington bought his way out of his Washington contract, and according to reports asked for a seven-year, $54 million deal from the New York Giants. Several teams are interested in the 27-year-old player: Miami, Cincinnati, Jacksonville and the Giants. Miami reportedly is showing the most interest.

There has already been some speculation that Packers GM Ted Thompson is using this visit by Arrington to show QB Brett Favre that he is still trying to do something in free agency to improve the team, to make that "statement" that Favre says he's looking for to help him decide to return or retire. But according to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, "Arrington's visit was arranged a week ago before Favre made his most recent comments and it's thought the Packers have had interest in him for a while."

Arrington could undoubtedly give the Pack some leadership and star power on defense and especially at a position -- linebacker -- where the team needs so much help. Still, Arrington is coming off his two worst seasons, one from injury and last year when he wound up in Washington Coach Joe Gibbs' doghouse and had limited playing time.

While the Packers certainly have the salary cap room available to sign Arrington, fans so far are relatively split as to whether the team is serious about signing him. An ongoing online poll in today's Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel shows the following as of the time of this writing:

Do you think the Packers' intentions for LaVar Arrington are serious?
No (52.9%)
Yes (47.1%)
Total votes: 949

Time will tell.