Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Chewey Bites Brett

Ouch! Did anyone see this coming? Maybe in the world of sports these days we should have.

For former Packers TE and hot tub aficionado, Mark Chmura, Favre's recent retirement melodrama is indicative of Favre's selfishness. In fact, he said just that on Sunday morning on WAUK-AM's (1510) "Miller Lite Football Show." Chewey said, "He's a selfish guy. He's a very selfish guy."

While couching his opinion in terms of Brett hurting the team by not letting them know what he's doing, and also being "hypocritical" for apparently applying one set of standards to his own conduct and another for Javon Walker, Chewey also seems to be carrying a grudge against Brett from his own days of legal difficulty. "...what people don't know, I'm not going to say this to throw the guy under the bus, but this is a guy from my arrest to my acquittal never called me one time." According to a report of these comments in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, "Chmura said he received more calls and letters of support from Packers old-timers, like Fuzzy Thurston, Jerry Kramer and Ron Kramer."

Chewey said the bottom line for Favre, as he knows him, is that it really boils down to the money. He didn't imply that Brett was holding out for more money per se. Rather, "He had the other quote in the newspaper saying if he comes back this is definitely his last year. Well, the Packers aren't going to the Super Bowl. They aren't close to the Super Bowl. I think if they keep going in the direction they are, they can go 8-8, 9-7. Why come back? Why, if not for the money?"

As a matter of fact, Chewey said that he and Favre's friendship ended over money: "You know what wrecked the whole thing? It's money. You know?"

Chmura was hired by WAUK in July 2004 to provide pro football commentary on a weekly show.