Thursday, April 27, 2006

Driver Now Looking to Leave?

Oh boy. Donald Driver, one of the most underrated receivers in the NFL for several years, and one of the most reliable -- change that, the most reliable -- receiver on the Packers has now asked the Packers to either trade him or release him. Obviously the last choice is not an option the Packers will pursue. As for trading him? Don't thank that will happen either. So what's going on?

Shockingly, it's about money.

According to ESPN, Driver is apparently upset that his contract hasn't been re-worked. He supposedly requested it two years ago under then GM, Mike Sherman. Didn't happen. Didn't happen this last year under new GM Ted Thompson either. And now, with basically himself as the only proven receiver on the team, he is attempting to leverage that situation for a better contract. Can't blame him. At supposedly along the lines of $1.8 per year, Driver is certainly a bargain. He has been his entire career. He is looking to be rewarded. And, frankly, he should be. How much is the question. But with so much disarray in the receiving corps, and so little depth in this weekend's draft, the Pack had better make sure they don't let this situation get out of hand. Brett Favre was already questioning what he'd have to work with this year. Minus Driver, his main security blanket at receiver, well...not good.

So, this is a distraction the Pack didn't need going into the draft. They'd already given Javon "the Whiner" Walker permission to visit other teams in pursuit of a trade before the draft. Trying to get that worked out prior to the start of the draft, as most pundits say will happen, is already a bit of a monkey wrench in things. On the other hand, I'm sure they are of a mindset to let this matter with Driver sit until after the weekend to see how the dust settles. At that point, and with whatever trades and non-drafted free agent signings may occur, the team will have a better picture as to salary cap room, talent pool, etc. Then they can deal with Driver on a fair basis: fair to him, and fair to the team.