Friday, April 28, 2006

Thompson Says Walker Trade Unlikely...But...

Oh how the plot thickens. Even while allowing Javon "The Whiner" Walker to shop himself around as possible trade bait, Packers' GM Ted Thompson says it is unlikely that a trade would happen prior to the start of tomorrow's NFL draft. In fact, Thompson disputed ESPN's report that the Pack had given Walker permission to seek a trade. So why is he on his magical mystery trade tour? According to today's online Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, Thompson described the visits as "pre-arranged meetings related to discussions the Packers have had with interested teams. He said Walker did not have permission to pursue a trade on his own and was meeting with teams that contacted the Packers about a possible deal." Oh. OK.

Walker was visiting the Saints yesterday and will be visiting the Broncos today. There has been speculation over the past week or so that the Broncos recent trade with San Francisco, garnering them additional draft picks, might be to enable them to offer these picks to the Pack as part of a trade package for Walker.

On the other hand, as the Journal-Sentinel states, "The fact Thompson is allowing Walker to meet with the two teams - both of which presumably wouldn't do a deal unless they were able to see how the torn anterior cruciate ligament in Walker's right knee was healing - means he is open to a trade. But it might all be a fishing expedition Thompson has orchestrated in an attempt to show Walker that interest in him isn't that great and that he would be best served playing out the final year of his contract in Green Bay." So, either way, that could be a win-win for the Packers. Either someone offers up a first round pick, or a package of players and picks, and the Pack dumps "The Whiner," or Walker perhaps gets humbled a bit by finding out that he's not as great as he thinks he is as other teams loose interest or only offer up late-round picks insufficient to get the Packers to execute a trade. Pretty shrewd by the ol' GM.

According to all the pundits, if there is going to be a trade it will happen prior to the start of the draft. It is also quite possible, though, that no announcement of such a trade will be made until during the draft itself. Well..."The Whiner" saga will way or another. Stay tuned.