Saturday, April 29, 2006

Could It Be...Davis at #5?

According to an article in this morning's online Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, the Packers like offensive tackle D'Brickashaw Ferguson of Virginia, despite the possible complications and shifts this might require in order to install him in the starting line. They might be willing to move up in order to take him. This might also explain the ESPN reports of last evening that the Packers were in talks with New Orleans about moving up to the #2 spot: if they sit at #5, it is more than likely Ferguson will be gone, that is if they actually would prefer taking a tackle to a franchise running back, i.e. Reggie Bush. Would they really take Ferguson over Bush if they had to pay the price required for that #2 spot? Doubtful. The more likely scenario is that the Pack stays put. As stated in the Journal-Sentinel, "Thus, if running back Reggie Bush, quarterback Vince Young and Ferguson join top pick Mario Williams off the board by No. 5, it would seem that their (the Packers) most likely move would be to choose (Maryland TE Vernon) Davis, the fastest and probably most athletic tight end ever to enter the league."

There were a few mock drafts that showed the Pack possibly taking Davis with #5, but they were few and far between. There is no doubting Davis' ability. Or that he would provide a much-needed offensive weapon for the Packers. It's just that the consensus seemed to be that LB A. J. Hawk would be the preference if the two players are still available, which they most likely will be. If the Packers do pick Davis, they would certainly be in line with Colts President Bill Polian's comments about him: "He has a chance to be maybe the best player coming out of this draft."

So what about Hawk? As the Journal-Sentinel article points out, "Thompson has drafted six linebackers in the fourth round and not one in the first day, a trend that suggests he assigns less value to the position than others." Quite revealing, as Thompson himself played 10 years as a linebacker in the NFL.

The article in the Journal-Sentinel by long-time Packers reporter Bob McGinn is one of the best I've seen outlining the possibilities and challenges for the Packers inherent in this year's draft. Check it out here.

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