Friday, April 21, 2006

It Must Have Been the Poll

Could it have been the poll (cited in today's earlier post) that showed the majority of Packer fans favored the team taking Ohio State linebacker A. J. Hawk in the draft to signing veteran LaVar Arrington? Was Arrington offended about that? Or was it just a case of more flash and cash in New York City?

New York City? Yep. Looks as if that's the place Arrington is headed, although nothing firm, according to a late-breaking report in the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel. The Packers have apparently been informed that Arrington will be signing with another team. Not surprising considering his recent visit to NYC, and obvious desire to get a deal done before the draft lowered his well as an expressed desire to continue playing in the NFC East.

One might also wonder if this is another one of those instances -- although we may never know -- whether the uncertainty about Brett Favre's playing status has impacted the team and potential free agent signing decisions.