Tuesday, April 18, 2006

OK, Let's Try This: Brett for a #1???

So the Favre trade rumors continue. At least as far as they make useful space-filling polls for various papers and websites, including the online Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel. By extension, I suppose this site also perpetuates the speculation by reporting on it. Sorry.

This latest poll in today's MJS frames the Brett trade talk in terms of yet another possibility: what if the Packers could get a first round draft pick...would you trade Brett then? (This of course flies in the face of reality: there is no way that any team would give a first-rounder for even Brett Favre at this stage in his career.)

Here are the results at the time of this writing:

Would you trade Brett Favre if he agreed to it and the Packers could get a first-round draft pick in return?
Yes (63.4%)
No (36.6%)
Total votes: 3,449

Go figure.