Friday, April 21, 2006

Arrington or Hawk? Who'ya Gonna Call?

Veteran -- and pricey -- LB LaVar Arrington has paid a second visit to the NY Giants. According to reports, the primary teams still in the running for Arrington are the Packers and Giants. Some speculate that Arrington will sign with the Giants because he wants to stay in the NFC East so he can play against his old team, the Redskins, twice a year. All things being equal, i.e., the money, does a little bit of spite and revenge figure into the picture? Probably. As well as the chance to play in the country's top media market. It's believed that Arrington wants to get a deal done before the NFL draft next weekend, as it's possible the amount of cash teams are willing to part with for his services might drop a bit with a draft deep at linebacker.

There is some speculation that if the Pack signs Arrington that would remove the need for drafting a linebacker and allow the Packers to add a player to the offense with it's #5 pick. Makes sense...address two needs basically with one signing, albeit an expense one.

Of course, as noted in yesterday's post, most mock drafts at this point seem to apparently discount the possibility of the Pack signing Arrington and peg Ohio State's A. J. Hawk as the Pack's pick at #5.

So the natural question, then, is who fans think the Pack should go after: Arrington or Hawk?

In early returns to that very question in the online Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel's poll of the day, fans favor taking Hawk by an almost 2-to-1 margin. But it's early. Here's the results so far:

Which linebacker would you rather the Packers obtain?
Ohio State's A.J. Hawk (64.8%)
free-agent LaVar Arrington (35.2%)
Total votes: 401

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