Saturday, April 01, 2006

What's Up with Brett?

OK...this one is no joke. Favre said on Thursday that if he didn't feel comfortable with the direction the Packers were taking, he will not come back. As quoted in today's Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, Favre told reporters at a charity event in Mississippi, "I still feel like I can play at a high level and obviously the Packers do, too, or they wouldn't be concerned about my decision," Favre said. "But there are some things I have to sort out. There are some things I'm looking for in the team and what they're trying to do. I guess if those don't come together, I guess I won't play. It's just kind of wait and see. Ted Thompson, the GM, and Mike McCarthy, the head coach, are good friends of mine. I've dealt with them before. I've been on good terms with them. It's not like I'm delaying this on purpose. There are some reasons."

For the Packers part, GM Ted Thompson also said the team was not pressuring Favre, although they would like to know what was going on sooner rather than later.

Regardless, the curtain is coming down. It's just a matter of whether it's already closed or not. Favre told the Biloxi Sun Herald that if he does play this year, it will be his last. "I don’t know if I will play this year or not. Even Deanna is ready for my decision. If I do play this year, it will be my last. There’s no doubt about that."

As predicted here before, Favre will be back. On emotion alone, that should take the Pack back to the playoffs for one last run with Brett the Great at the helm.