Saturday, July 12, 2008

Thompson says Favre can be back up

In a half-hour interview today regarding the Brett Favre mess, Packers GM Ted Thompson said, "This is a very difficult spot we're in. It's a very volatile situation and we don't have all the answers yet." According to Thompson, the Packers never said Brett couldn't return to the Packers. But he also made it clear that -- based upon Brett's retirement announcement in March -- the Packers moved on. "Aaron Rodgers is our starting quarterback," Thompson told reporters. He declined answering which QB would give the Pack the best chance to reach the Super Bowl.

Thompson gave a timeline of events that make it clear that both he and McCarthy had indicated to Brett early after his retirement announcement that he would be welcomed back. After getting word in late March from former center, current offensive line coach and good friend of Brett, James Campen, that Brett was having some strong feelings about coming back, Thompson and McCarthy sent a message to Favre that he was welcome back. Further, that Thompson and McCarthy would fly down to Brett's home in Mississippi to finalize plans for his return. But, according to Thompson, Brett called back just a few days later and told him he and his wife Deanna had decided to stick with their original decision on retirement. Thompson went on to say that he did visit Brett at his home in Mississippi in April and Brett did not ask him whether he could return to play for the Packers at that time.

Thompson acknowledged the emotional turmoil everyone is in. "There are people out there who I know are anxious and mad and nervous and all those things. I want people to know that we know that. We're going through the same things. It's gut-wrenching when you think about it. We're struggling to do the right thing. We don't have all the answers."

According to other reports, Thompson also said he has not received any official notice from the league that Brett has asked to be reinstated. He also said he has not received any trade inquiries, but made it clear that trading Brett was an option that at least at this time was not under consideration while a return to the roster would be.

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