Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Brett says, "It's all rumor"

Responding to reports that he's itching to come out of retirement, Brett Favre text messaged Biloxi SunHerald reporter and friend, Al Jones (not mentioned in the article, but confirmed personally during an on-air interview with 620WTMJ radio's Bill Michaels this evening), saying, "It's all rumor." You can read more about Brett's denial of this ESPN story here.

You can hear Bill Michael's radio interview with Al Jones here. Jones also mentions several times in varying ways how the current situation is all the fault of Packers GM Ted Thompson. If you want to hear what the Voice of the Packers, game announcer Wayne Larrivee, has to say about that assertion and related matters, click here.

Stay tuned for camp is only a few weeks away.