Friday, July 18, 2008

Surely, the Apocalypse is now upon us

What are the signs of the Apocalypse? You know: global warming, severe storms, earthquakes, tidal waves, gas at $4 a gallon, reality TV shows...the list goes on and on. A more recent item added to this list is the possibility of Brett Favre becoming a ViQueen.

But perhaps the topper is this: Brett Favre as a (shudder) Chicago Bear. Now, before you go sticking your head in the nearest oven (I tried it's not all it's cracked up to be...especially if you just have an electric oven), be aware that this is the opinion of a Chicago Tribune columnist. So take it for what that's worth. It's Chicago ("Vote early, vote often"). And it's Da Bearz ("Our Motto: Mediocrity & Failure through Frugality").

One thing I think Packer fans should count on, particularly after Brett's outspokenness, shall we say, this week, is that the Packers will NEVER allow him to go to either the ViQueens or Da Bearz. Unless he decides to unretire at age, oh, 90 perhaps. Which, with Brett, seemingly could be a possibility, who knows?

But if you care to indulge a Chicago columnist's desire to fill space, you can read the story here.

Brett, regrettably for all parties involve, may play somewhere other than the hallowed ground of Lambeau Field this season. But the only way that will be in Minnesota or Chicago is still as a member of a visiting team.