Sunday, July 13, 2008

More on - what else? -- Favre

The saga continues. Whether the legend -- the legend of Brett Favre superhero -- continues, is now seemingly up to Brett.

No matter on which side fans line up -- want Brett back as starter or back the Pack regardless of Brett's status -- the fact of the matter is this: it's now up to Brett to state publicly what so far only his surrogates and/or media have stated. Does he want to play again? If so, hold a press conference -- which will be more highly attended and followed than a Mideast peace conference -- and say so. And perhaps even read the mandatory letter you must write to the NFL Commissioner requesting reinstatement. That will make it official. And that will also officially add you back to the Packers roster.

Until that happens, or at least the part about Brett writing a letter to the Commissioner requesting reinstatement, he or anyone blaming the Packers for not wanting Brett back is a bit like putting the cart before the horse. He says he wants to come back to play. Great! Then just write the dang letter! Then the ball is back in the Packers court, where it has unfairly been placed already. But until then, the next move is yours, Brett.

It must be said that as much as the majority of Packer fans would welcome Brett back at the helm, many are also getting tired of this cat-and-mouse game he has been playing with retirement the last several years. The Packers extended him plenty of leeway over these years, even allowing him to take as long as just before the draft a couple years ago, to make his decision. This year, he said in a tearful press conference in March, that he was done. As the Packers view of the timeline indicates, they did make overtures to Brett to come back when they got word he might be interested in doing so. He said no, he was sticking with his decision. Now, he's changed his mind -- again -- and wants to come back. Oh, but he also wants to be released because he doesn't feel he's been treated right by the organization. Puh-leze.

The Packers have gone out of their way for several years to accommodate a vacillating Brett Favre. When this same Brett Favre told the Pack he was done, the organization moved on. And now, at the 11th hour, when you change your mind -- again! -- the entire scheme the Packers have put in place all Spring around a new QB is supposed to be set aside. Were the Packers supposed to simultaneously have two plans in place? One if -- if -- Brett decided to come back and another if he didn't? That's not practical. It's not professional. And it's not fair to the organization.

If Brett wants to be reinstated, Ted Thompson and Mike McCarthy indicated that that would be fine. He'll be added back to the Packers roster. But he won't be released. Nor should he be. He could very well wind up being inserted back into the starting QB role. But that's not a given. Perhaps nominal starter Aaron Rodgers flops. Or, as has been Rodgers' history, gets hurt, Brett can step back in. Perhaps Brett so dominates training camp and the preseason games that Coach McCarthy has no choice but to make him the opening day starter. Great!'s all up to you now, Brett. Do something. Make a decision. Notify the Commissioner. And get ready for your new role as back up until or if something should change that. That's the place you put yourself in. You have earned a lot of perks and privileges over the years. But there's one thing no one player should ever expect, legend or not: to be bigger than the organization. When that happens, the organization is done. That may happen at other places. But it won't happen in Green Bay. Nor should it.