Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Brett Speaks: Part Three...Plus Possible ViQueens Tampering?

Who knew there was yet a Part 3 to Brett's interview with Greta Van Susteren? There is. Aired tonight on Fox.

Brett basically accused Packers GM Ted Thompson of lying to him. And of blowing it by not resigning offensive guards Mike Wahle and Marco Rivera a couple years back (most Packer fans would likely agree with that assessment), and not even talking to Steve Mariucci as a possible head coach replacement (for the fired Mike Sherman) after Brett had been told by Thompson that he would do so. But the incident which really burned Brett's butt was not signing Randy Moss. "I worked my butt off two years ago," Brett said in reference to his efforts to get Moss signed to the Packers. Brett stated he even offered a part of his own salary to help cover Moss's salary, and that could be confirmed by Andrew Brandt, who at the time was the point man with the Packers in terms of negotiating contracts. According to Brett, the Packers could have had Moss for $3 million for one year; instead, he was offered less than $2 million. After Moss's signing with New England, Thompson was apparently asked at a press conference if Brett had worked hard to get Moss on the team. Brett says that Thompson said "not that I know of." "That's just bull," Brett stated.

Brett indicated it was hard for him to trust Thompson after these incidents where he feels he was told one thing and the public was told something else. Can't blame a guy for feeling that way if all is as he said it was.

So...the soap opera continues. And it's clear the rift between Brett and Thompson is a big one.

But if Brett really wants to put his now-nemesis Ted Thompson on the hot seat the best way for him to do that is not to rip him a new one in the media, but rather to send the required letter to the NFL Commissioner requesting reinstatement. The Packers can't do anything until Brett does that because as far as the league and team are concerned, Brett is still retired. If he wants to unretire, he needs to get reinstated first.

But, according to Brett's agent, Bus Cook, as reported in this story, "We have no definite plans to ask for reinstatement. Right now we have until the sixth week (of the regular season) and Brett has made it pretty clear that he is not willing to come in as a backup. If he asks for reinstatement and they start fining him $15,000 a day (for not reporting to training camp), well that just doesn't make sense. We're going to let Green Bay decide what they want to do. It's their move."

Possible Tampering by the ViQueens?

As if this whole situation isn't bad enough, this same story noted above also reports the following: " has confirmed that the Packers have filed tampering charges with the NFL against the Minnesota Vikings, alleging 'inappropriate dialogue' with offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell, a close friend of Favre's and a former Packers assistant.

"The Vikings, according to a source, are expected to contend Bevell may have had conversations with Favre as a friend but had no involvement in discussing a job with the Vikings.

"Vikings coach Brad Childress has said in recent days the franchise is content with Tarvaris Jackson as their starting quarterback. What the Packers contend is that Favre and Bevell may have discussed Favre coming to the Vikings."

What a mess. What a way for everyone to lose.