Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Ron Wolf returning to Green Bay

Now don't get excited, all you Ted Thompson haters out there. Yes, former Packers GM Ron Wolf is indeed returning to TitleTown (that would be the REAL TitleTown, not that bogus ESPN version, by the way). But not in any official capacity with the Packers. Wolf is returning to Green Bay because he and his wife, Edie, loved living there before, and want to do so again. Imagine that! Green Bay as a retirement destination. (Actually, for those who have spent any time living in the Green Bay area you also know why it's a great place to live.)

Here's how Wolf put it: "We both really loved Green Bay. How in the world could you not enjoy living in a place like that? We're excited about coming back."

The fact that Wolf's son, Eliot, is assistant director of pro personnel for the Packers probably factors in just a bit, too. And it's possible that Wolf's wife, Edie, could resume the private psychology practice she had when the couple was in GB the first time around. Of course, don't expect the Wolfs to be giving up their Jupiter, FL winter home. They'll only be selling their current home in Annapolis, MD, where they have lived since 2001.

Wolf said Thompson invites him to training camp for a couple days each year. This year, especially with the move back, you shouldn't be surprised to see Wolf among the railbirds.

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