Sunday, July 27, 2008

Favre to Packers: trade me

According to a report just breaking in the Green Bay Press-Gazette, "The rift between quarterback Brett Favre and the Green Bay Packers is escalating, and he’s giving the team until Tuesday or Wednesday to work out a trade or he will report to their training camp." Further, a "source confirmed the Internet reports that Favre asked the Packers on Saturday whether he could come in and compete for his starting job against Aaron Rodgers but was rebuffed."

And while this poster and others have continually pointed out that Brett had yet to officially ask for his reinstatement through the NFL Commissioner, "Favre also said he’s signed his letter of request for reinstatement but has not yet faxed it to the NFL offices." C'mon, Brett, pull the trigger and let's really ramp up this circus, shall we?

Folks, as sad as it is to really say it, Brett will never be in a Packers uniform again unless it's just part of the process to trade him to another team. Reports are that both the NY Jets and Tampa Bay Buccaneers have been given permission by the Packers to talk with Brett, although it's not clear whether the teams or Brett are really interested in each other.

So, if Brett requests reinstatement but neither he nor the Packers can agree on a team to send him to, then what?

It is an absolute nightmare. And making the Pack a bit of a laughing stock in some circles. After all, when even prop comic extraordinaire, Carrot Top, makes a tissue dispenser out of a Packers helmet for crying Packer fans as one of his new know the apocalypse is upon us. No, wait, that would be if Brett wound up going to Da Bearz or ViQueens.

But as the Packers get ready to start training camp tomorrow, the only things that are clear are these two: Aaron Rodgers is the new starting QB, and Brett Favre is done in the Green 'n' Gold.

And, oh yeah, even our breakout runner of last year, Ryan Grant, won't report to camp just yet because he's not happy with the contract offer being tossed his way.

Welcome back to summer training camp, folks!

You can find the entire Press-Gazette article here.