Sunday, July 13, 2008

Nearly 200 show up for Favre rally

As noted in a post yesterday, a couple of Favre fans were calling for a rally today at Lambeau in support of Brett. According to an AP wire report on, about 200 people showed up. According to the article, the organizers "plan to hold another (rally) Monday night in the Milwaukee area and then every Sunday until the team reinstates Favre."

Of course, what these folks apparently don't realize -- or at least don't seem to care to acknowledge -- is that it is not the team's job to "reinstate" Brett. That's the NFL Commissioner's job. But only after he receives a letter from Brett saying that's what he wants...which, to this point in time, hasn't happened.

Maybe these guys should travel to Hattiesburg and hold a rally outside Brett's place and chant, "Write the letter!" "Write the letter!" Since that's what has to be done first...yeah, you're right...just much easier to ignore the facts...what the heck was I thinking?

You can read the entire article here.