Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Simms to Favre: stay retired

Here's former QB and current commentator Phil Simm's advice to Brett Favre: stay retired. That is much different than the advice Simms offered Brett two years ago when he told him to play as long as he could because retirement is forever.

Simms, Cris Collinsworth and James Brown were announced yesterday as the new “Inside the NFL” panel for the coming season on Showtime. When asked by reporters during a conference call about the Favre situation, Simms -- as he usually does -- didn't hold back: "Just my opinion, I hope he stays retired. He’ll get over it, the fact that he is not playing. For the Green Bay Packers, I think they have moved on. If they had to give you an answer since he said he was retired, I believe their answer would be, go ahead let him stay retired. We’re moving on and let’s see what’s in the future for them and for the new quarterback." Simms continued, “When you have played in the NFL for as long as Brett Favre has, there is always going to be an issue about coming back. I can only relate it to most players I have talked to once they have retired. It takes about three years to get it out of your system. You forget about all the hard work, the bad times. And as you get away from the game, all you do is think about the good times. You forget how tough it is. Sometimes guys come back and they go ‘I wish I hadn’t come back.’ ”

For the comments of note from Collinsworth and Brown, check out this brief report.