Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Favre to 'Skins?

This is the scenario Peter King sets up in his latest entry at SI.com, especially after they picked up Jason Taylor from the Dolphins. The Redskins have been one of the teams mentioned from the get-go in a possible Favre unretirement-trade scenario. Who'da thunk it? Lombardi to the Redskins. Favre to the Redskins. Anyway...check out King's article here.

But then there's this bit from profootballtalk.com in which the Packers reportedly gave Brett a list of three teams to which they’d attempt to trade him and Brett refused each one. Does that mean he stays retired. Only Brett knows. Maybe. Mike Florio at profootballtalk.com thinks Brett's done. I wouldn't bet on it.

And if you want to read a real turnabout article on one reporter's change of view, you have to check out this article on CBSSportsline by Gregg Doyel. It really cuts to the chase of how Brett's image has suffered -- at least in some circles -- by the events of the last week or so.