Monday, July 14, 2008

Brett finally speaks tonight

At long last, Brett Favre has spoken out. The venue is Fox's "On the Record with Greta Van Susteren" which will air at 9 p.m. Central time tonight.

There are two quotes from Brett that have been released by Fox:

"I am guilty of retiring early and there is a reason for that. And the major issue is 'Why did he retire?' and 'He asked for a release because he doesn't want to play in Green Bay.' That's not true. And I hope people are hearing this and saying 'OK, that clears it up'."

"Them moving on does not bother me. It doesn't. I totally understand that. By me retiring March 3rd I knew that could possibly happen. All I was saying is you know I'm thinking about playing again. The 'itch' has been used. That is the word that has been used if you want to say itch, or the fire is coming back, or whatever. If I'm going to play it's going to be 100% commitment.... And so if you move on, you tell me one thing, don't come back and tell the public,... just say it. 'You know, we've moved on and we'll work with Brett on whatever it is.' Don't make up a lot of stuff or give half of the truth.", the question is what he's talking about when he says, "Don't make up a lot of stuff or give half of the truth." Hopefully, the interview will shed some more light on that statement.

Also, perhaps he'll finally say whether or not he has written the required letter to the NFL Commissioner officially requesting reinstatement. If not, then...what? Then, Brett, nothing is cleared up.

Please...please...are you in or are you out? Make up your mind.

You can read a brief tidbit about this on Van Susteren's page. Tune in.