Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Favre getting itchy, according to ESPN

On the heels of heir apparent QB Aaron Rodger's unartful comments in Sports Illustrated about fans getting on board with him, now this: "ESPN reported this afternoon that retired Green Bay Packers quarterback Brett Favre is interested in making a comeback, and has communicated that interest with the team," according to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel. ESPN reporter Chris Mortensen is the man behind the story and Mortensen is usually pretty much right-on in sniffing these stories out.

You can read the story here, and the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel article (including online fan poll) here.

How do fans feel about this? In the hour or so since this story broke, more than 5,000 fans have voted in the online poll at the Journal-Sentinel. Here are the results (you won't be surprised):

If Brett Favre is indeed interested in playing again for the Packers, should the team welcome him back?

Yes (62.7%)
No (37.3%)

Total votes: 5,206

ESPN is conducting their own online poll, asking essentially the same question, "Do you want Brett Favre to come back?". With over 9,000 votes at the time of this update, the percentages are basically reversed from the Journal-Sentinel poll: 65% do NOT want Brett to come back, while 35% DO.

What do you make of this discrepancy, Packer fans? Perhaps, that we ARE Packer fans!