Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Get free shipping on your Packer Fans United gear & gifts!

...And now for something completely different: a brief commercial plug for our Packer Fans United gift shop. You'll find the link in the righthand column under our "Welcome". Or you can just click here.

From today, July 8, through 11:59 p.m. on July 20 you can receive FREE shipping on all order over $65. All you have to do is enter the promotional code "FREESUMMER" (without the quotes) at checkout. That's it.

So, stock up on tastefully cool apparel and gifts for the upcoming season: hats, shirts, mugs, clocks...all sorts of goodies. And if you spend $65 or more, the shipping is FREE! That's a deal that's pretty hard to beat, Packer fans. Heck, that might even be a good enough excuse to do some early Christmas shopping.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled PackerFansUnited.com blog...