Sunday, July 20, 2008

Favre salutes his old center, and gets some fan love, too

Brett Favre presented his old center, Frank Winters, for induction into the Packers Hall of Fame at last night's banquet, held in the Lambeau Field Atrium. As a result of the Packers laying down some ground rules for the media -- which, amazingly, seem to have been respected -- and Brett focusing on Winters and the two other inductees, Gilbert Brown and Al Treml, things went off seemingly without a hitch.

According to one report, "When Favre and Winters entered the Lambeau Field Atrium, they were met with the loudest and lengthiest of cheers from the packed, sold-out crowd. Not a single jeer or boo was heard."

It's still unclear, though, whether there was any chit-chat between Brett and Ted Thompson despite their sitting only two tables away from one another.

Brett also received the 2007 MillerCoors (new merger for those not keeping up on the beer biz) MVP award for setting NFL records in touchdowns, passing yards, completions and attempts. Reports say "he received even more cheers and then an enthusiastic standing ovation."

Another report stated that "Favre made a point of embracing the Packers’ storied past. 'That’s the thing with Green Bay, it’s a special place,' said Favre. 'There’s a lot of tradition. You think of the Packers, you think of all these great names. To be a part of that … is a special thing.' From a public relations standpoint, Favre was on his game. He even wore a sport coat for the occasion, so you knew this was no ordinary night."

Brett in a sport coat, sans tie, but have to wonder whether his feelings will change if there's no resolution to the standoff. It seems clear, though, for now, that Brett is able to separate his feelings for the Packers and the fans from his feelings for GM Ted Thompson. So if nothing else, we can hold on to that. For now.

You can read a couple accounts of last night's event -- including an intersting comment from Gilbert Brown -- here and here.