Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Rodgers is not Mr. Durable

Admittedly, we are spoiled about all that is Brett Favre. But especially about him being there week after week, year after year. We take this as normal for QBs now. We take his upcoming 250 consecutive regular-season starts for granted.

So, it's one of those things that brings back a dose of reality to Packer fans. Last year, in the one game where Brett had to leave due to injury and be replaced by Aaron Rodgers, Rodgers broke his foot and was done for the season. Now, on the heels of Rodgers' good relief performance last Thursday, news comes that he has a hamstring injury and could miss one to two weeks. Recently-signed Craig Nall will be the primary back up against the Raiders on Sunday. And it's not inconceivable that he will be called upon as Brett is apparently still feeling some tingling in his arm and hand. Yikes.

This may be just bad luck or coincidence for Rodgers. But it sure doesn't generate a lot of confidence in his staying power. Play in a game and -- boom! -- out. Yup, we're spoiled. But c'mon...

If you want to read a bit about this latest downtime for Mr. Rodgers, check out this story.