Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas wishes

Merry Christmas, Packer fans!

That's my wish for you today.

We can all have our special Packers wishes, too, of course: continued health for Brett Favre and all members of the team; an acute case of amnesia for one and all regarding that game (what game?) on Sunday; learning to love playing in arctic weather conditions; being able to punt block so punts aren't blocked; play calling that takes into account 50 mph winds and wind chills below zero (hel-lo!); taking the field (whether on offense or defense) and being ready to play physical football; a dominant final regular season games against the Lions; playoff victories at Lambeau and wherever else; a trip to -- and a victory in -- the Super Bowl.

Ah, these are the Christmas dreams that dance in our minds!

Merry Christmas to all!