Friday, December 28, 2007

Ref fined

Without filing his grievance, Packers LB Nick Barnett got a measure of redemption today when the NFL fined WWF, er, NFL referee Jim Quirk a game check -- $8,150 -- for his chokehold takedown of Barnett in Sunday's game vs. Da Bearz. The league told Quirk the fine was for " for "inappropriate physical contact with players." The fine also covers an earlier incident involving Falcons RB Jason Snelling on a kickoff return in the Atlanta-Tampa Bay game on Dec. 16. (A bit of trivia for you: Snelling had a pre-draft workout with the Packers this last April. Coincidence? Or...??? You decide!)

Apparently, Mr. Quirk has -- dare I say it -- his quirks? (Sorry, that was too easy, I know...and so-o-o predictable.)