Sunday, December 09, 2007

Halftime: Packers 14 - Raiders 7

The Packers offense continued to move the ball in the second quarter, this time with points to show. Ryan Grant already has 18 carries for 90 yards, including a 6-yard TD run to make the score 7-0. Not long afterward, following a Raiders series riddled with big first-down negating penalties, the recently returned Will Blackmon got his first NFL touchdown on a 57-yard punt return to make the score 14-0. Coaches and fans alike have been awaiting Blackmon's return to returning from his series of injuries. This return was an indication why. Al Harris got an interception later on.

The Packers final drive of the half was much like its first two: a drive with no points. Brett missed Greg Jennings on a third-and-eight play which would have broken for a TD if completed. As it was, the Pack had to settle for a 43-yard field goal attempt by Mason Crosby, who missed it badly to the left. This left the Raiders with decent starting field position with about 90 seconds remaining. The prevent defense, of course, didn't prevent the Raiders from moving the ball and getting a 25-yard TD pass to Jerry Porter over Al Harris. Linebacker Nick Barnett also went down with an injury; almost looked as if he might have been poked in the eye or got his bell rung a bit from they way he looked on the sideline.

The Packers are not playing sharply. Offensive drives are not being finished with points. And the defense, for as good as it played most of the half, seemed to go to sleep during the Raiders 2-minute drive.

As noted earlier, this is a game which has an "Oh-oh" feeling to it in the first half. The Packers are leaving points on the field and against lesser opponents -- example: Da Bearz -- it's this kind of performance which leaves you only one bad play or turnover away from losing a game that should not be close.

The Packers need to get their act together in the second half.