Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Pro Bowl Snubs?

We're of course very happy with the Packers selected to the Pro Bowl yesterday: Brett Favre, Donald Driver, Aaron Kampman and Al Harris. Four starters. But...the Cowgirls have 11? And the ViQueens have 7? The number of Packers selections is tied for eighth in the league with -- get this -- Da Bearz! The Packers have the same record as the 'girls. And the 'Qeens? C'mon. Da Bearz? Oh, puh-leze! Yes, the Packers have 14 players named overall, but that includes all alternates...not quite the same thing. Not quite the same respect.

That's what some of the Packers players are apparently saying, too. And, according to reports, those players are going to use that disrespect as incentive for the remainder of the year. What's that saying about "Revenge is a dish best served..." hmmmm...what was it? Served on a brat bun? Served boiled in beer? Served with cheese spread? Well, whatever it was...the Packers will be serving it up.

And what better place to start serving up that warm dish of whoop-ass than Soldier Field on Sunday? Not only is there the incentive for the Pro Bowl snubs, but there's also the major revenge factor for the loss to Da Bearz earlier this season. It should be a most fun game for Packer fans...not so much for those fans of the Mess of the Midway.