Saturday, December 22, 2007

Radio story about Packer fans

Yesterday, it was a post about a live local radio interview with Brett. Today, it's a post about a nice radio segment on NPR's "Only a Game" show about Packer fans. It was only a matter of time, right? Maybe folks took notice when there were more Packers fans in St. Louis stadium (whatever it's called) than Rams fans. Whatever. You'll find the story here, including a small photo gallery. If you want to listen to the podcast, click here.

By the way, if you want to hear/download/buy the song, "O Little Town of Green Bay" (by The Southern Nevada Arts Music Society no less) that was used in the show, you can find it (and other songs for Packer fans) here among other places.

Packers will have lots of salary cap room in 2008

A story in today's Green Bay Press Gazette makes it clear that the Packers have one of the best front offices in the biz. They are using creative incentive clauses in player contracts to generate salary cap credits next year. This is what we all heard about as kids: fun with math! As it looks now, according to the article, the Pack will have about $25 million in salary cap room going into next season. That, combined with the league's youngest team -- and now officially one of the best -- means the Packers are well set to be a contender for more than just this year. No one and done like Da Bearz. Anyway, if you want to bone up on this creative accounting method and keep your chops drooling for what may yet come, you can read the full story here.