Sunday, December 23, 2007

Packers give it away...again

Packers 7 - Da Bearz 35. The little chance Da Bearz had to win the game happened: Packers turnovers. And really bad weather. But Da Bearz played in that too. The Pack had lots of problems handling the snaps, with pass and punt protection (a couple blocks), converting third downs, way too many pass plays for a day which made it almost impossible to pass and was not a good day. And can someone please explain to me why Brett was still in the game when the score was 35-7 and over with about 8 minutes or so to go? Someone? Anyone? Coach McCarthy???

Turnovers and miscues of various kinds led to way too many points for a team than needs such things in order to have a chance to win. They got 'em in spades courtesy of the Pack today. Sure didn't see this one coming. But better to fall flat in a game that doesn't mean much than in the playoffs. Certainly gives the coaching staff plenty of opportunities to ride their guys hard this week and beyond.

So, with the Packers loss the Cowgirls officially have locked up the #1 seed and home field advantage throughout the playoffs. it goes. Da Bearz won both games versus the Pack this year...and 6 out 8 under head coach Lovie Dovie. Who knew? Wish it weren't so. But ya know what? Da Bearz still suck.

Maybe we'll analyze this more later. But really, not much to say about this one. Nobody got injured, and some players even got time to recoup for upcoming games. We're in the playoffs. And Da Bearz are done. Enjoy your winter break, boys!