Sunday, December 09, 2007

End of 1st quarter: Packers 0 - Raiders 0

The story of the quarter: the Packers moved the ball twice to about the Raiders' 30 yard line and came away with no points. The first time, the Pack went for it on fourth down with about four yards to go and missed on a short pass play. The second time, Brett attempted to throw about a 25 yard pass to Koren Robinson; it appeared the pass may have been affected by the wind because it was to the inside of Robinson, got deflected and intercepted. The Packers "D" is playing well and not giving the Raiders much of anything. If the Packers can't take advantage of the field position they keep getting this could be one of those games that make you go, "Oh-oh." But you gotta believe things will click sooner or later...the Packers are just moving the ball too well.