Monday, December 10, 2007

Maybe this explains why Brett was laughing

For those who were able to watch the Packers-Raiders game yesterday, you may remember toward the end of the game where Brett was smiling and almost laughing at times coming out of the huddle and at the line. Big smiles. Turns out that might have been because his old buddy Warren Sapp was calling out the plays the Packers were going to run. Now, once in a while a defender may guess right or tip off his teammates about how a play is going to go. But turns out that Sapp was doing this play after play and, apparently, only got it wrong once. Still, the game was a runaway and not even knowing which direction the play was going seemed to be of much use to the Raiders. But had the game been closer? Anyway, seems as if the Packers players were amused, even if they might have to adjust how they call their plays or huddle up. See this story for more on Sapp-gate.