Thursday, September 03, 2009

Pack vs Titans Preview

Less than 30 minutes to kick off on the final preseason game. Here are a few things to keep an eye on:

  • How Nick Barnett plays in his first action since his injury last season.

  • How Clay Matthews plays in his first action of his pro career.

  • How QB Brian Brohm fares playing essentially the entire game. Starter Aaron Rodgers will play only perhaps the first series, and backup Matt Flynn will once again sit with his sprained shoulder. This is Brohm's chance to either hold onto his roster spot, or showcase himself for a possible trade.

  • Whether defensive back Anthony Smith is able to unseat Atari Bigby as a starter.

  • Which two of the three fullbacks will likely make the cut. John Kuhn and Korey Hall are somewhat the same type of player. The Packers will definitely keep rookie Quinn Johnson for his power blocking skills.

  • Whether defensive end Jarius Wynn will not only make the cut but, based on his play this preseason, garner sufficient playing time...and perhaps force the Packers to place perpetually-injured Justin Harrell on the injured reserve list for the entire season.

  • Whether free agent rookie running back Tyrell Sutton is able to unseat Kregg Lumpkin...and maybe one of the other backs. The Pack will definitely not want to expose Sutton to the possibility of getting picked up. They might prefer to stash him on the practice squad. But Sutton's preseason stats would make it likely he'd never make it there if the Pack left him unprotected.

There will be plenty more to watch for, but it will primarily be in the area of those approximately 20 or so players who will be playing their hearts out trying to secure one of those final 53 roster spots on Saturday. Won't see much of the starters on either side of the ball. But this final exhibition game can be entertaining -- if sometimes sloppy.

Go Pack Go!