Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Regis picks the Pack!

Alert the media!

Wait. We are the media. Kinda.

Anyway, on this morning's Live with Regis and Kelly (don't ask), Regis Philbin -- a major sports fan -- announced, as he does prior to the start of every NFL season (I know, who knew?) his surprise pick to win the Super Bowl. His pick? None other than our beloved Green Bay Packers!

Normally Regis bleeds the blue and gold of his alma mater, Notre Dame, and after that all things New York. This year, he's also going to be rooting for the Green 'n Gold.

Thanks, Regis. Glad to know you kept an eye on the preseason and are as optimistic as we Packer fans are.

C'mon, Reg...say it with me: Go Pack Go!!!