Sunday, September 13, 2009

It's halftime and Da Bearz still suck

We know a couple things after the first half of tonight's Packers - Da Bearz game. One, Jay Cutler is ... Oh, who cares? The other is, of course, that Da Bearz still suck.

Beyond these, the Pack leads 10-2.

Cutler threw 3 interceptions in the half and is making my buddy, Billy Da Bearz Fan, yearn for the days of Kyle Orton.

Other than a safety, the Pack has kept Da Bearz off the board. I'm sticking with my prediction. It's a hard fought game. But there's no reason the Pack should lose this game. The Packers defense is playing at a high level. The Pack offense is still misfiring a bit.

This is only the third game in NFL history to be 10-2 at halftime.