Monday, September 14, 2009

Pack Must Cherish This Win

Tough wins like this will lead to character development of this Packer team. I am very happy about the outcome and the learnings that can come from this game. They will have to realize that they are in a very difficult battle in the division this year.

Rodgers now remembers what it is like to be hit, hit often, and hit hard. I can not imagine a game in which it will be worse, though future Bear and Vikings games will likely be as tough.

Observations: running game was average - there is ample room and real potential for improvement; Donald Driver will not drop more than one pass in a game from here on out, and in most games he will have none; Rodgers needs to learn to escape to his left on occasion - he has a clear tendency to his right; Bears' players should be fined for Urlacher hit on Rodgers early in game and others for the hit on Rodgers during last drive; Barbre can only get better; O-line needs to do a pride-check regarding pass protection; McCarthy did not game plan Chicago's zone pass defense well-enough - he needs to prepare for new schemes that opponents will develop to stop the offense; Back Judge (or, whichever official) who threw the flag on Harris ought to be fined!; Woodson should be confident and not cocky - I think "cocky" cost him on Knox and Hester long plays; Collins needs to learn what it takes to stay hydrated - this is "professional" football and physical preparation like hydration is key.

Let's hope the Packers have fake field goal and punt plays that do not rely upon the center to make the call! I can't wait to hear the full explanation on the Bears call. There is no way the center should be allowed to make that call, for us!

Finally, as Packrphan likes to repeat, and is known to have chanted as far away as the Superdome in New Orleans after a Packer win against the Saints: "The Bears still suck!" (Inebriated Saints fans, and sober as well, did not understand the timing of this chant within the bowels of their stadium. But, Packrphan clearly explained to the uneducated that "the Bears suck, always and everywhere!)

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