Sunday, September 27, 2009

End of 3rd quarter: Packers 23 - Rams 17

The only scoring in the 3rd quarter was a field goal by the Rams.

The Pack had scored on each of its 5 possessions in the first half; in its 3 full possessions of the 3rd quarter, nada...had to punt the ball away each time. Rodgers had a few balls which he overthrew and receivers, again, had some drops.

The running game, still, blah. The Pack's ability to stop the run, again, weak.

The game should not be this close. Give the Rams credit. They lost their starting QB and a defensive back early in the game and they're only a TD down going into the last quarter.

The Pack's big scores of the day have occurred after long pass plays. Seems like that will have to be the way again. It will be closer than Packers fans will like. But the Pack should be able to put up a "W", barring turnovers or giving up a big play.