Wednesday, September 09, 2009

A new link

Just a quick heads up for those enlightened souls among our readership -- two things about that: (1) you are a Packers fan and (2) you are reading, so by definition you are indeed already among the enlightened -- who use a Mac computer, iPhone or iPod Touch...I have added a link, just below the initial schedule link in the (obviously) "Links" area of the righthand column, for a page where you can download an iCal calendar. There are several available, but this one on the Apple site seems to be the most complete. It lists the games (a-duh), stadium where played, TV network covering the game, and start time (Central, Eastern, Pacific and Hawaiian...hey, where's Mountain??? No respect!)

Yes, there are also PDF and other versions of the schedule available...the more the merrier! But, dang, iCal is just another one of those great reasons to have a Mac or iPhone or iPod Touch. A shameless plug...Apple, if you're listening...if you care to send me your new, yet-to-be-announced whizbang computer thingie machine I would be most appreciative.

And now, back to your regularly-scheduled Packers blog...