Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Rouse cut, Giordano picked up

The Packers' defensive backfield situation, from the preseason on, has been getting dicier and dicier, particularly at safety. Atari Bigby is out for probably a month with the knee injury he sustained in the game versus Da Bearz. Nick Collins sustained an unspecified chest injury in the loss to the Bengals, but did practice today. Aaron Rouse, the third-year player whom the Packers kept over Anthony Smith and who started Sunday's game in place of Bigby, was cut by the Packers today. According to the Packers official website, "His roster spot was filled by free-agent safety Matt Giordano, who spent his first four seasons in the NFL (2005-08) with Indianapolis before being released just prior to the start of the regular season." The Packers had earlier this month picked up safety Derrick Martin in a trade with the Baltimore after cutting Anthony Smith in the last roster cutdown.

A portion of Packers-related talk radio late today was reiterating the fact that Ted Thompson took a chance on Rouse when he drafted him and the team seems to have been disappointed with his ongoing lack of development and consistency. The team was intrigued with his size and potential. Didn't pan out. According to coach Mike McCarthy, "In our conversation with (Aaron) I just felt that his ability to be consistent and the growth part of it is one of the reasons that we made the change," McCarthy said. "But there are other factors involved based on availability, without getting into all of that. That's really the landscape of personnel in the National Football League, timing and things like that, special teams. That was all part of our decision."

It's unclear whether Collins will play Sunday. According to the Packers website, "If Collins can't play, Martin and Bush are expected to get their first starts with the Packers at safety with Giordano as the backup. If Collins can go, either Martin or Bush would start next to him with the other as the top backup, and McCarthy said Wednesday that the week of practice will help the coaches make that decision."

It's not time to panic. Yet. But certainly there are beginning to be real areas of concern about this team. Injuries can sap a team's depth and potential. But also betting on the wrong players for too long can have long-lasting effects. Not saying we're there. Just...well...ya know...

Favre opens mouth, inserts foot...again
A report at says that Ol' #4 today defended the problems he created for the Jets recently talking about his injury status by now saying the same situation applied with the Packers. "I can't tell you how many times I probably should have been on the injury report and was not," Favre said.

As several readers of that story said in their online comments, doesn't Brett know when to just be quiet? Guess not. Bottom line seems to be that the NFL is expressing no interest in checking out the Pack on this allegation. Maybe the league, like most Packer fans, already figures Brett has stuck it to the Packers enough already.

Anyway, if you care to get more on this story, check out the article for yourself here.