Sunday, September 06, 2009

Green Bay is still home to Brohm after all

Stop the presses!

After yesterday cutting last year's second round pick, QB Brian Brohm, the Packers apparently waited to see if he cleared waivers today. He did. And they offered him a spot on their practice squad, which Brohm accepted. Good move for both. Brohm's home is still in Green Bay.

Other members of the practice squad include: WR Jake Allen, CB Trevor Ford, LB Cyril Obiozior, RB Kregg Lumpkin, OT Jamon Meredith, DE Ronald Talley, and NT Anthony Toribio.

According to what Packers GM Ted Thompson said at his news conference this afternoon, Brohm was a casualty of the strength of the Packers roster. And he added that the Packers are not at this time looking for any additional quarterback help. As to placing Justin Harrell on injured reserve for the season, Thompson indicated that "No one is giving up on anybody." He said Harrell will (once again) go through ongoing rehab to see if they can resolve his back issues. One has to assume, though, that this next season will be Harrell's last chance to make any contribution whatsoever. As to the Packers' take on rookie free agent Tyrell Sutton, Thompson said, "Came down to us having a number of good backs. Sorry to lose him. But we gave him a big hug." I'm sure he appreciated that, Ted. At least he got picked up by Carolina. Thompson said that the team did not put in a waiver claim on any player.

Thompson also said, "There's a confident air in our locker room." (Add your own joke here.)

A week from today the Packers open at Lambeau against Da Bearz. Need we say more than, Go Pack Go!??? Well, yes, and we will as the week moves along. In the meantime, feel good about this team. Whether or not you breathe in that locker room air. (In the Chicago locker room I think that air is just the after effects of a bad burrito.)