Monday, September 14, 2009

Packers Monday

There's nothing better than a Packers win. Especially when it comes over Da Bearz. But the day after is pretty sweet, too. There is a sense that, yes, the universe is still in order. Packers win. Da Bearz lose. Yep...that sounds about right.

But of course, there are things that need to be worked on coming out of every game. And in this one, we learned that new starting right tackle, Allen Barbre, was getting taken to the cleaners for a a good part of the game and was directly responsible for probably at least three of the sacks or hits Da Bearz got on QB Aaron Rodgers. That was especially true in the first half where he looked like he was walking in cement. Supposedly, he is supposed to be one of the most athletic linemen the Packers have. OK. And, perhaps, just chalk it up to a bad game. Every player has them. Wayne Larrivee, the radio voice of the Packers, said this morning on a radio interview that even the great Jerry Kramer had a horrible opening game one season against Alex Karras of the Lions. Now, there's no comparison -- at least yet -- between Barbre and Kramer. But the point is well taken. Coach Mike McCarthy said that Barbre didn't have a good game, but improved in the second half. And, McCarthy was quick to add, Barbre wasn't the only offensive linemen that didn't have a good game. That was evidenced by the way Da Bearz were able to get to Rodgers throughout the game, throwing off his rhythm, as well as by the fact that the Packers running game was pretty nonexistent, too. Granted, Da Bearz always bring their best defensive play against the Pack. But, you can bet that that offensive line will be getting some extra work this week. Rodgers won't make it through 16 games if he keeps getting pounded like last night.

Along those lines, and as any number of Wisconsin sports pundits were saying last evening and today, and many callers to sports shows also mentioned, there sure is a lot of hope that former long-time starter and free agent Mark Tauscher's rehab continues to go well...just in case.

The worst injury that we know of coming out of last night's game, at least so far, is perhaps a sprained knee on Atari Bigby. Reports were he was being evaluated today.

Da Bearz, on the other hand, were not so fortunate. A few of their players left the game last night. But the biggest news emerging today was that LB Brian Urlacher dislocated his wrist, was reportedly having surgery on it today, and would be lost for the season. Ouch. That certainly deals a blow to the heart of Da Bearz defense. Some sports folks even speculate that that effectively now ends any hopes of contending that Da Bearz may have had for this season. I think it's far too early to make that claim. Even if you kinda like the ring of it all.