Monday, August 31, 2009

Pack vs Cards wrap up ... and more!

As has been the case all through the preseason, the Packers' first string offensive and defensive units were once again outstanding in the team's victory over the Cardinals Friday night. If you didn't see the game or hear it on the radio you've no doubt read the details by now. So no need to rehash what is now old news. The Pack kicked butt. The final score was in no way reflective of what the first stringers did. All we can hope as fans is that the team isn't peaking in preseason. And that the players that sustained injuries are ready to go for the season opener against Da Bearz.

At the top of that list, of course, is receiver Greg Jennings who was the subject of a nasty sandwich tackle. He was back in uniform, but mostly on the sidelines at Sunday's practice, according to reports. His prognosis is good, although coach McCarthy has already said Jennings will not play in Thursday night's game versus the Titans. Good decision. Will Blackmon and Brandon Jackson are also likely to sit out this upcoming game. Mike Montgomery might be able to play with his broken hand, but no decision for sure yet.

The Packers also released 3 players over the weekend, with the most notable name being punter Durant Brooks. Brooks, as you may recall, was supposed to be in a heated battle for the punting job with Jeremy Kapinos. But Brooks had essentially been out of the running with a hip injury since the second preseason game.

Backup QB Matt Flynn, who was held out of Friday's game because of his shoulder sprain, threw a little bit Sunday and hopes to be able to play Thursday.

Barring any additional injuries in the final exhibition game -- and don't expect most starters to play very long or at all -- the Packers can head into that season home opener against Da Bearz feeling very good about what they have achieved so far. The thing to remember about that, though, is that none of that counts. Game 1 versus Chicago is where the road to the playoffs begins!