Thursday, August 20, 2009

Defense Analysis

I am excited about the Packer defense this year. I can feel good vibes over here in De Pere. Capers just seems like such a professional with great credibility that I think the players can't help but follow him. I like the new assistants as well.

Some of you may find the analysis at the following link to be entertaining if not useful. This guy seems to enjoy the Packers.

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  1. Hey, Winning Etc.,

    I think you are absolutely right on about Capers and the defense. All reports are that the defensive players bought in immediately because of his credibility. Then, last Saturday evening, they had their first chance to put the new scheme to the test. I'd say it passed with flying colors. Indeed, the defense hadn't been flying around like that in a long time. It looks as if every player has a chance to make a play. If the "D" continues to progress with the addition of Raji and Matthews in the mix, as well as getting Barnett back and Harris and Woodson back in the line are deep. There will be some tough cuts coming on that side of the ball. That's a good problem to have.

    And speaking of problems...I think that's exactly what Ol' #4 will have against this defense when he comes up against it in that funky purple. Some people might actually be saying, "Remember when Favre..." (fill in the blank).


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